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Thermography: thermographics studies

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Uses in plastic industry:

The infrared technic thermography can be used in plastic industries to optimize the process and improvement of quality, as well as in the development of new tools.

Cartridge Heater

In the thermoplastic injection process, can be found wide information about the transformation process itself: through thermographic images upon items just injected, even on the mold, apart from those extracted from it, or on the mold’s surface itself:

  • Temperature deviation in critical points (injection points, inserts, item’s thicker zones, etc)
  • Hot points detection produced by thermoplastic material friction in any mold zone.
  • Temperature control effectiveness.
  • Mold’s system tempering effectiveness.
  • Heat accurate distribution, in both mold and item.
  • Temperature development study on mold surface until the process is stabilized.
  • Cooling time/course optimization.
  • Result’s obtained validation with simulation programs.

Thermographic infrared usefulness in plastic industry:

Resistencias Industriales Maxiwatt carries out studies with thermographic cameras to detect our cartridge heater’s effectiveness, in client’s mold or any wanted application, getting spectacular thermal precision results in graded cartridges..

According to application or mold, we basically get exact temperature effectiveness, through all mold’s surface or application.

In order to achieve the proper use, it is built with right watts density, getting a bigger saving.

The cartridges are built with a bigger overload margin, producing higher durability due to the power study and calculation of the proper temperature.

In case of temperature loss we recommend different positions avoiding mold’s or application’s cooling or overheating.

Resistencias Industriales Maxiwatt provides detailed in writing study, about the thermographic process developed by skilled technicians, as we use the best international computer programs and cameras.

Cartridge Heater