Maxiwatt High Density cartridges, which
have demonstrated their efficiency for over
50 years working with satifactory in millions
of applications that very few manufacturers
are currently capable of manufacturing in a
maximum temperature of 750º.
New applications that have emerged in the
recent years require higher temperatures.
Maxiwatt has developed a complete line of
cartridge heaters that technologically
reaches a critical temperature of 1000º
with unprecedented reliability.
More durability at higher temperature
Our durability success
Extreme compression of the double compact, more quantity of Nickel thread chrome 80/20, a new extremely pure magnesium oxide, wrapped in incoloy 800 tube, nickel-iron-chrome alloy. with other innovations that made new cartridge heaters, superior durability unlike any other type of cartridge heater.
Laboratory tests made with thermographic camera
All ULTRAWATT cartridges must be placed inside H7 tolerance holes.
The wide range of existing terminations and complements with ISO, UL, CSA certification for high-density cartridges, its also available for the new ULTRAWATT cartridges.
Brake pads where extreme temperatures are required for its elaboration.